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The Cronos Group has grown to be the largest IT and business company in Belgium. Cronos is a holding company with more than 9000 employees divided over 650 competence centers. Each center has a specific specialty in IT/Business. The company services over 5000 customers with a revenue of over €1 billon and are aiming to expand the coming years. Cronos is now copying the business model to the Nordics and has created Crns Nordics, headquartered in Stocholm, Sweden

Cronos provides the freedom to entrepreneurs with great ideas, by giving them the space to do their own thing and by providing the best shared services. Cronos takes away their headaches with tailored services and meaningful support, like legal, HR, payroll, controlling and recruitment. This way, the managing partners get to focus on what they’re best at and can grow to successful companies that push society forward. Thanks to network and broad technical competences, they possess the ability to scale any start-up in a record time. With sales and management support as a guide to excellence.