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More freedom

At Cronos, we believe talent can only thrive in absolute freedom. That is why we make sure our partners have everything they need to get the job done – without interfering with their business and how they run it.

More focus

With shared, centralized services like legal, HR, controlling, workspace and mobility, our service centers are specialized in starting and growing new companies. This allows our partners to set the bar high from the very start and to focus on their core business from day one.

More guidance

Cronos offers an extensive pool of coaches and managers: seasoned experts and entrepreneurs that are happy to explore new ideas and offer hands-on guidance.

More support

At Cronos, partners can start a new business with limited monetary investment and maximum support. Backed by over 30 years of industry experience, we help them tackle the challenges that come with running a company – from idea to execution, and beyond.

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Become a Crns entrepreneur

Cronos is a Belgian consultancy group that consists of over 9000 ambitious changemakers across more than 650 specialist ventures in Belgium, The Netherlands, and now Sweden.

Become a Crns colleague

Looking to expand or deepen your skill set at some of the most innovative companies in the world? Cronos is ever-expanding and we’re always open to meeting new talent.